Employment Preparation, Training and Counselling

Project Tailoring

The Women’s Tailoring and Employment Project in Afghanistan expanded to two other provinces. The project now covers the following three provinces; Kabul, Parwan and Panjshir. This project supports vulnerable women through providing education, training, employment counselling, advocacy, lobbing, getting them ready for the job market and helping them to live independent. This six-month initiative designed to teach tailoring and business skills to widowed and low-income women in Afghanistan. The goal of this project is to assist these women in building their capacity to become self-sufficient, and to provide them with opportunities to financially support themselves and their families.

Standard Training and Employment Program (STEP)

Unemployment is a major issue for Afghan people, especially for recent university or college graduates.  In fact, 69% of the population is unemployed, 18% of these have higher education.

50,000 students graduated from the universities every year, but there are not enough job opportunities available for them.

STEP projects actively facilitate a reduction in unemployment in Kabul, Parwan and Panjshir provinces.

Each center of the STEP project is equipped with computers, high speed internet, interview training and resume writing software.

These centers have experienced employment counsellors who coach the clients in resume making, interview preparation and job search technics.

STEP project has close contact with local employers and serves as a useful resource between employee and employers.