iRefugee and Immigration Services

In 2016 there were 119,335 immigrants in Waterloo Region, making up 22.6 per cent of the region’s population. As the immigrant population continues to grow locally, they are in need of more support and programming. As an organization already heavily involved in creating a community of inclusion, our organization knew it was our responsibility to provide more opportunities for individuals.

The iRefugee and Immigration Services project was created to achieve this mission. The goal of this project is to ensure a smoother transition into the local culture of Waterloo Region for all immigrants. Through this project, iHelp International will assist refugees from all over the world to settle in Kitchener–Waterloo. This project runs in collaboration with the ministry of Citizenship and Immigrations Canada to welcome these individuals and help them settle into Canadian life.

More specifically, through this project iHelp International will act as a key touchpoint for immigrants at all points in the immigration process. This will begin with assisting refugees with the Canadian sponsorship application. On arrival to Canada, iHelp International will connect these individuals to support in the community. The iRefugee and Immigration Services project will be an ambassador for the immigrants throughout the resettlement process, drawing on years of experience with numerous individual immigration cases in the past.