Training, Education and Counselling Hub (TECH)

The TECH would provide vocational training, literacy, English language and computer education for widowed women and disabled individuals.


Widowed Women:

Women in Afghanistan face tremendous challenges with indicators pertaining to their health, education and human rights rated among the lowest in the world.
Over 3 decade war in Afghanistan resulted in 2.6 million widowed women, most of them are living in extremely bad conditions since they lost the breadwinner of the family.
The average age of an Afghan widow is just 35 years, and 94 percent of them are unable to read and write, most of them have between 4 to 9 children, no job, no income, and no other source of financial support. In order to survive many Afghan widows weave carpets, do tailoring, beg or even engage in prostitution. Most of them send their small children, (aged 5 – 12 years) to work. It is common to see many of these children in the cities washing vehicles, cleaning vehicle windshields, asking for money, selling such things as shopping bags, gum or cigarettes, working in restaurants, auto shops or factories. Life for these children is a considered a travesty even by those who have little passion for others.


Disabled Persons:

The TECH program also provides training and education to disabled persons. The three decade war in Afghanistan left over 1.4 million people with varying disabilities. These people are isolated, considered a burden to society, and most of them live in very bad conditions. They lack employable skills, employment and financial resources.